We have 3 great boat models.

216 Bass Boat ~ This model offers removable consoles making it available as SC (Single Console), Dual Console (DC) or CC (Center Console). The 216’s deck is huge making it extremely comfortable for recreational or tournament fishing.

IMG 1927c

Coral (fish/ski) ~ offers flexibility for a day of fishing and/or water skiing for fun in the sun. 

IMG 2811b

Python ~ Center console bass boat that offers better stability and faster movement to either side of the front deck.


IMG 2797b

In the past, we communicated that we were going to start working on the 201 bass boat model. The 201 bass boat is indefinitely on hold. It has taken a huge investment (both time and money) to finish the mold work for the 216 and Coral to our requirements. With that being said, we are going to focus our efforts on providing quality products using these molds.